Two-Day International Lecture Series during Seven-Day NSS Camp - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

Two-Day International Lecture Series during Seven-Day NSS Camp

BBK DAV College for Women organized a seven-day camp to inculcate spirit of the social service among its volunteers. On this occasion, a two-day international lecture series was held in the presence of Sh. Sudarshan Kapoor, Chairman, Local Advisory Committee, Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia, American Scholars and Mentors Mr. David McCombs, Mr. Mark Warden, Mrs. Deanna Warden & Ms. Noelle Carrera.

Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia congratulated the NSS unit on organising the camp. In her address to the volunteers, she underscored the importance of community service within society. Emphasizing that the entire DAV education system is founded on the principle of selfless service to society, she urged everyone to incorporate this ideology in their daily lives.

On the first day of the lecture series, Mr. Mark Warden engaged the audience with a compelling discourse titled “Think Different, Be Different,” wherein he familiarized them with diverse methods of developing the capacity to confront challenges, in spite of an initial lack of such capability. Following this, Mrs. Deanna Warden provided insights into thinking different on a super-small scale. Subsequently, a thought-provoking lecture titled “Change the Way You Think” was presented by Mr. David McCombs, who shared perspectives on future financial security, the genuine value of money, and cultural debt.  The programme concluded with an installation ceremony in which badges were distributed to NSS volunteers.

On the second day of the lecture series, Ms. Noelle Carrera, in her talk “Overcome Negativity through Calm Mind,” dwelled upon various strategies for controlling mind to tackle challenges. Subsequently, Mr. Mark Warden, in his lecture on “Mental Health,” expounded on the significance of mental well-being while navigating decisions that may deviate from our cognitive framework. This was followed by an inspiring lecture titled “The Value of Money” delivered by Mr. David McCombs who expressed views on how to add value to the money. Afterwards, Mrs. Deanna Warden gave an enriching lecture on the role of family stories in the alleviation of stress and anxiety. The programme ended with presentation of mementoes to the resource persons and plantation of saplings of asafoetida, bay leaves, ginger and camphor.

Mrs. Surbhi Sethi & Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal, NSS Programme officers, along with other staff members and NSS volunteers, participated in the camp.

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