Top College for B.Voc Banking and Financial Services in Punjab

B.Voc. Banking & Financial Services

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) in Banking and Financial Services

Eligibility: 10+2 in any Stream.

Banking and financial services sector is is the backbone of Indian economy. It is a multidimensional industry that has a huge potential in India. It has immense scope of absorbing technically trained Probationary Officers, Financial Investment Advisor, Financial Analyst etc. This courses is designed to create proficiency in stock market, market operators, mutual fund operations and various other banking operations. The course is modulated in a manner so that the students acquire relevant, appropriate and adequate technical knowledge together with professional skills & competencies so as to carve out a niche in the gamut of beauty & financial services. After studying this innovative programme, students will have ample career opportunities in this field
as a:

  • Financial Investment Advisor
  • Wealth Management 0ffice at banks
  • Banking Operations Staff as PO (Probationary Officer)
  • Financial Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Stock Broker


BVC– 101 Punjabi (Compulsory) / Basic Punjabi / Punjab History & Culture (From Earliest Times to C 320)
BVC– 102 Communication Skills in English-I
BVC– 103 Fundamentals of Management
BVC– 104 Principles and Practices of Banking
BVC– 105 Principles and Practices of Insurance
BVC– 106 Indian Financial System
BVC– 107 Banking Operations Simulation Lab


BVC– 201 Punjabi (Compulsory) / Basic Punjabi/ Punjab History & Culture (C 321 to 1000 A.D.)
BVC– 202 Communication Skills in English-II
BVC– 203 Managerial Economics
BVC– 204 Financial Services
BVC– 205 Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking
BVC– 206 Mutual Funds
BVC– 207 Training Project- Eight Weeks
*Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory)

*Note: The marks of paper will not be added in the grand total.


BVC-301 Business Statistics
BVC- 302 Business Laws
BVC-303 Basic Accounting for Financial Managers + Tally
BVC- 304 Operational Risk Management
BVC-305 Financial Statement Analysis
BVC- 306 Bank Credit Management
BVC-307 Online Trading Simulation Lab


BVC-401 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BVC- 402 Business Environment
BVC -403 Entrepreneurship Development
BVC- 404 Investment Management
BVC-405 Market Risk Management
BVC- 406 Financial Market Operations
BVC-407 Training Project- Eight Weeks
ESL-221 *Environmental Studies (Compulsory)

Note: *Student can optional EVS Paper whether in III or IV Semester and the marks are not be included in total marks.


BVC-501 Financial Management
BVC-502 Operations Management
BVC-503 Organisational Behavior
BVC-504 Security Analysis
BVC-505 Treasury Management
BVC-506 E-Banking
BVC-507 E- Banking Simulation Lab


BVC-601 Human Resource Management
BVC-602 Marketing of Financial Services
BVC-603 Financial Risk Management
BVC-604 International Financial Management
BVC-605 International Banking
BVC-606 Portfolio Management
BVC-607 Research Project

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