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Add-on Courses

Add-On Courses (Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma)

‘Add-on Courses’ is a unique scheme of the UGC to add on skills & increase employability & entrepreneurship of students pursuing conventional courses in the liberal arts stream. The Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma course is open to regular students of the college at any level.

Duration: Each course will be of one academic year.

Add-on Course consists of three parts:
a) Certificate
b) Diploma
c) Advanced Diploma

A student enrolled in any stream may opt for any one/two of the following courses:

Computer Graphics & Animation

Computer Graphics and Animation help in moulding design professionals who produce designs, symbols, illustrations and photography for use in print and electronic publication and internet publishing industries. Graphics and web designers get jobs in advertising agencies, graphic design studios, print and  publishing houses (like newspapers, magazines etc.) TV and multimedia production houses, e-learning companies, website development studios and web design studios.


In this age of beauty culture, a trained professional in cosmetology would walk in the job market with comparative ease or set up one’s own saloon or spa. A creative and challenging field, this would make you part of a booming and buzzing arena of personal grooming. The beauty practitioners and aestheticians would be trained in skills of beauty treatments and therapy, hair care and hair dressing, make up, nail and tattoo art; lifestyle diets, yoga and fitness regimens and de-stressing techniques.

Communication Skills

In the highly competitive world of today, no one can deny the significance of communication skills – speaking, writing, listening & reading. This course would prove to be a boon for students pursuing any stream.The state-of-the-art Language Lab of the college is well-equipped to provide intensive training in all the four skills to the students.

Computer Fundamentals & Internet Applications

The knowledge of computer helps a person in enhancing his skills and also improving his prospects in the job market. There is a vast variety of jobs for computer experts in every office i.e. banks, insurance agencies, post offices, railways, business houses etc.

Anchoring, Reporting & News Reading

The course entails body language, style, diction, delivery, grammar, personal grooming, appearance on TV; conducting studio interviews – live and recorded, knowledge of theatre, films, politics, business, sports, arts, music and health.


Keeping in view the present scenario, when foreign language learning is in vogue, the college has started Certificate Course & Diploma in French. This course has many job opportunities in different fields like teaching, diplomatic services, travel & tourism, hotel management, airlines hospitality in Public relation offices.

Interior Decoration

Interior Designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space. Interior Design profession is highly job-oriented and has high demand in India as well as in Gulf countries, South East Asia, Europe and developed countries like USA. On the successful completion of the course, the students would be prepared for numerous career options in interior design and related areas including residential and commercial designs.

Office Management & Secretarial Practices

Of late there has been a steady demand of qualified office managers, secretaries, customer care representatives in MNCs, public sector companies, hotels etc. A course in Office Management and Secretarial Practice opens doors to job profiles such as executive assistant, personal secretary, administrative officer/assistant, in business enterprises, banks and other financial institutions and educational institutions.

Food Preservation

Food Preservation is another area that has the capacity to generate employment for the students. It may be in bakeries, food processing industries, food wholesalers, hospitals, catering establishments, retailers & restaurants. The course will also open self employment opportunities for students.

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