B.Sc. Biotechnology - Top Biotechnology Colleges in Punjab

B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a branch of biology that applies technology to biological systems to reap novel and proprietary biotechnology products. It also entails use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and environment. An upcoming productive field, it has major scope in key areas like stem cell techniques, DNA Vaccines, Tissue Culture, Protein Engineering, Immunological Studies and many more.

Eligibility: 10+2 (Medical/ Non-Medical) with min. 40% marks or equivalent examination.

BTL101 Cell Biology
BTP121 Cell Biology Lab
BTL102 Botany-I
BTP122 Botany-I Lab
BTL103 Biochemistry-I (Biomolecules)
BTP123 Biochemistry-I (Biomolecules) Lab
BTL104 General Microbiology-I
BTP124 General Microbiology-I Lab
BTL105 Chemistry-I (Inorganic Chemistry)
BTP125 Chemistry-I (Inorganic Chemistry) Lab
BTL106 Communicative English-I
BTL107 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi OR Punjab History & Culture

BTL151 Zoology-I
BTP171 Zoology-I Lab
BTL152 Genetics
BTP172 Genetics Lab
BTL153 Biochemistry-II (Bioenergetics and Enzymology)
BTP173 Biochemistry-II (Bioenergetics and Enzymology) Lab
BTL154 General Microbiology-II
BTP174 General Microbiology-II Lab
BTL155 Biomathematics and Biostatistics
BTL156 Communicative English-II
BTL157 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi OR Punjab History & Culture
BTL158 Drug Abuse: Problem, Management & Prevention (Compulsory)

BTL201 Fundamentals of biotechnology
BTP221 Fundamentals of biotechnology Lab
BTL202 Immunology-I
BTP222 Immunology-I Lab
BTL203 Chemistry-II (Organic)
BTP223 Chemistry-II (Organic) Lab
BTL204 Botany-II
BTP224 Botany-II Lab
BTL205 Biochemistry-III (Metabolism of Carbohydrates and lipids)
BTP225 Biochemistry-III (Metabolism of Carbohydrates and lipids) Lab
BTL206 Molecular Biology
BTP226 Molecular Biology Lab

BTL251 Industrial Biotechnology-I
BTP271 Industrial Biotechnology-I Lab
BTL252 Immunology-II
BTP272 Immunology-II Lab
BTL253 Biochemistry-IV (Metabolism of Proteins and Nucleic acid)
BTP273 Biochemistry-IV lab (Metabolism of Proteins and Nucleic acid)
BTL254 Skill Development in Biotechnology
BTP274 Skill Development in Biotechnology Lab
BTL255 Fundamental of Bioinformatics
BTP275 Fundamental of Bioinformatics Lab
BTL256 Zoology-II
BTP276 Zoology-II lab
BTP277 Industrial/Institutional Visit

BTL301 r-DNA Technology-I (Theory)
BTP321 r-DNA Technology-I Lab
BTL302 Plant Biotechnology-I (Theory)
BTP322 Plant Biotechnology-I Lab
BTL303 Animal Biotechnology-I (Theory)
BTP323 Animal Biotechnology-I Lab
BTL304 Bioprocess Engineering-I (Theory)
BTP324 Bioprocess Engineering-I Lab
BTL305 Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques-I (Theory)
BTP325 Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques-I Lab
BTL306 Industrial Biotechnology-II (Theory)
BTP326 Industrial Biotechnology-II Lab

BTL351 r-DNA Technology-II (Theory)
BTP371 r-DNA Technology-II Lab
BTL352 Animal Biotechnology-II (Theory)
BTP372 Animal Biotechnology-II Lab
BTL353 Plant Biotechnology-II (Theory)
BTP373 Plant Biotechnology-II Lab
BTL354 Bioprocess Engineering-II (Theory)
BTP374 Bioprocess Engineering-II Lab (Industrial Training)
BTL355 Chemistry-III (Physical) (Theory)
BTP375 Chemistry-III (Physical) Lab
BTL356 Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques-II (Theory)
BTP376 Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques-II Lab
BTP377 Term Paper

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