Hostel - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

The college has two hostels – Main Hostel and Hostel for Sports Women. Hostel offers accommodation with all the modern amenities and a peaceful atmosphere conducive for studies. This includes ordinary, deluxe, air-conditioned, deluxe air-conditioned rooms and a big dormitory.


  • Air-Conditioned Rooms available
  • Study Centre
  • Computer Lab with Internet Facility
  • Solar Water Heating System
  • RO Water Purification System
  • Huge Dining Hall
  • Medical Facility

Rules for the Visitors

  • Visitors are allowed to meet their wards during specified days and hours only.
  • Visitors may meet boarders  –
    • In Winters – on Saturdays after 02.00 pm & on Sundays from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm
    • In Summers – on Saturdays from 02.00 pm to 07.00 pm & Sundays from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm
  • Visitors are allowed only in the visiting room.
  • No visitor will be allowed on odd days or during odd hours.
  • Any exception to visiting time or person must be approved by the warden.
  • No guest will be allowed to stay in the hostel for the night, not even female guests.
  • The visitors must sign the Visitor’s Register at the gate before entering.
  • Visitors will be allowed to see a boarder only upon presentation of the visitor’s identification card issued by the college and signed by the parents, and can see their wards only.
  • Parking is prohibited outside the hostel area.
  • Boarders are responsible for the safe-keeping of their money, belongings, clothes etc. Defaulters will be punished strictly. On personal request from the parents of wards; boarders can go home on special occasions.
  • Parents must cooperate with the college authorities in maintaining discipline in the college and the hostel.
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