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Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design (B.Design)

Eligibility: 10+2 with min.45% marks.

In this design-oriented age, everybody wants unique, unusual designs in all the things they use in everyday life. It may be the interior of a house, hotel, airport, restaurant or a playpen, designing of formal or informal wear; designing is the core requirement for all these. Therefore, to equip the students with the latest in these and to unfold their latent talent, an effort has been made by the college, in this direction, in the form of Bachelor in Design, a four year degree course. BBK is one of the three institutions in the country and one of only two in Punjab, to introduce this course.

After one year of Foundation Course, students can opt for any one specialization field in Fashion, Interiors & Textiles.

Bachelor in Fashion Design – Apparel-designing is a task of creating clothing for a wide range of occasions and life styles. This includes knowledge of customer/client behavior & interaction. BD curriculum deals with these questions by covering the development of apparel from sources of inspiration to finished garments. Students learn to observe and incorporate details & ideas for wearable clothing. The course trains one to pursue careers as designers, design-managers, fashion-forecasters, fashion-stylists, costume-designers, fashion-merchandisers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Bachelor in Textile Design – Textile Designing combines the love of colour, painting and drawing and the satisfaction of working with fibre & cloth patterns in painting, printed & woven forms. Students are taught analysis of basic fibres, spinning, weaving, dyeing-techniques, printing-methods, block-printing, screen-printing, surface-ornamentation, etc. The course prepares students for careers as textile designers, colorists, weaving consultants, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc.

Bachelor in Interior Design – Interior designing as a discipline includes space-planning and designing of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, departmental stores, banks, hospitals, boutiques, etc. The course work entails planning of environment in public and private spaces in traditional & contemporary style. BD curriculum teaches students to develop technical knowledge in drawing, drafting, space-planning, furniture-design, construction-technology, lighting, budget-control & project-management. This course prepares students as professional interior-designers who can practise as freelancers or can get attached to professional architectural firms. They can venture into furniture-manufacturing units & accessories also.

Semester-I Foundation
Drawing 1
Colour I
Basic Design
Workshop I
History of Art I
Communication Skills in English
Punjabi Compulsory /Basic Punjabi
Aesthetics & Art Appreciation

Semester-II Foundation
Drawing and Illustration
Colour II
Design and Communication
Workshop II
History of Art II
Computer Applications
Communication Skills in English
Punjabi Compulsory / Basic Punjabi

Drug Abuse: Problem, Management & Prevention (Compulsory in Sem I & II)

Semester-III onwards (Fashion/ Textile/Interior Designing Specialization)
Design Development I
Workshop I
Computer Aided Design
Market Survey
Technical Theory
Advertising & Marketing
Environmental Studies (Compulsory)-I

Semester -IV
Design Development II
Workshop II
Computer Aided Design
Market Survey
Technical Theory
Business Studies I
Environmental Studies (Compulsory)-II

Design Process I
Workshop III
Computer Aided Design
Market Survey
Technical Theory
Business Studies II

Design Process II
Workshop IV
Computer Aided Design
Technical Theory
Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Exhibition Design & Display

Design Process-III
Computer Aided Design

Design & Display (Commercial Production)
Industrial Training

Workshops & Fashion Shows
To fuel the imagination of students, the college organizes workshops on a regular basis . To unleash the originality of budding designers and to boost their creativity beyond the traditional lines, the college organizes exhibitions, displays & costume shows as a part of its routine.