Top B.Voc in Software Development College in Amritsar, Punjab

B.Voc. Software Development

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) in Software Development

Eligibility: 10+2 in any Stream

IT industry has always been a major contributor to Indian economy. However, it is yet to be fully rationalized and exploited so as to compete in the global arena. The need of the hour is to impart innovative and skillful learning , which gives one an edge over the rest in the IT sector. The course will engage students in all aspects of software development from the designing of the software to the software service after its development . This course focuses on practical experience and will be taught by a team that has professional experience in the area of software development. The course aims to groom students for lucrative avenues in IT industry as Web Designer/Developer, Web Administrator, IT consultant, Database Architect, Database Administrator, Software Consultant, System Analyst, and Software Programmer/ Engineer/ Developer etc.


Paper-I Fundamentals of Information Technology
Paper-II Web Technology
Paper-III Programming using C Language
Paper-IV Lab I: Office Automation and Web Technology
Paper-V Lab II: Programming in C Language
Paper-VI Communication Skills in English – I
Paper-VII Punjabi (Compulsory) / **Basic Punjabi / **Punjab History & Culture (From Earliest Times to C 320)


Paper-I Internet Applications
Paper-II Data Structure
Paper-III Object Oriented Programming
Paper-IV Lab I: Programming in C++
Paper-V Lab II: Practical based on Data Structure
Paper-VI Communication Skills in English – II
Paper-VII Punjabi (Compulsory) / ** Basic Punjabi /** Punjab History & Culture (C 320 TO 1000 B.C.)
Paper-VIIIDrug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention


* Marks of this Paper will not be included in the Total Marks.

** (Special Paper in lieu of Punjabi Compulsory) (For those students who are not domicile of Punjab)


Paper-I Database System
Paper-II Java Programming
Paper-III Software Engineering Methodology
Paper-IV Lab I: Lab based on SQL & PL/SQL
Paper-V Lab II: Java Programming
Paper-VI Practical: CRUD Application Development using PHP/MySQL


Paper-I Open Source Software
Paper-II Information Security
Paper-III Introduction to Python Programming
Paper-IV Lab I: Practical based on Android Development
Paper-V Lab II: Practical based on Python Programming
Paper-VI Minor Project: Software based on Web Technology/Database/Programming Language
Paper-VII Environmental Studies


Paper-I Software Project Management and Business Solution
Paper-II Software Re-engineering
Paper-III Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Paper-IV Lab I: Soft Skills in IT
Paper-V Lab II: System and Network Administration
Paper-VI Lab III: Software Testing (Case Tools)


Paper-I Project Dissertation
(Industrial Training and Project in Software/IT industry)

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