MA English College - Best College for MA English in Amritsar

MA English


Bachelor’s Degree in any faculty with 50% in aggregate or 45% in the subject concerned OR BA Honours School in English or Master’s Degree of Guru Nanak Dev University or any other university in another subject or another faculty.

Paper I Poetry (Renaissance to Romantic Age)
Paper II Renaissance Drama
Paper III English Novel (Upto 19th Century)
Paper IV Phonetics & Spoken English
Paper V Western Literary History – I

Paper VI Poetry (Victorian & Modern)
Paper VII Modern Drama
Paper VIII Modern Novel
Paper IX English Grammar and Writing
Paper X Western Literary History-II

Paper XI Irish Literature
Paper XII General Linguistics
Paper XIII Literary Criticism
Paper XIV Indian Writing in English
Paper XV Rhetoric and Advanced Composition / Communication Studies

Paper XVI Modern Literary Theory
Paper XVII American Literature
Paper XVIII Post Colonial Literature
Paper XIX Prose & Short Stories
Paper XX World Classics in Translation / Indian Literature in Translation / Greek Literature

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