BBA College -Top BBA College in Amritsar, Punjab

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Eligibility: 10+2 with min. 40% marks in any stream. Admission shall be on first come first served and merit basis.

BBA-101 English (Compulsory)
BBA-102 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi
BBA-103 Basic Accounting
BBA-104 Business Organization and Systems
BBA-105 Managerial Economics- I
BBA-106 Computer Applications for Business-I
BBA-107 Business Communications

BBA-201 English (Compulsory)
BBA-202 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
BBA-203 Business Laws
BBA-204 Principles of Management
BBA-205 Managerial Economics- II
BBA-206 Computer Based Accounting System
BBA-207 Fundamentals of Banking

Drug Abuse: Problem, Management & Prevention (Compulsory in Sem-II)

BBA-301 English (Compulsory)
BBA-302 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
BBA-303 Statistics for Business
BBA-304 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
BBA-305 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
BBA-306 Indian Financial System
BBA-307 Management Accounting

BBA-401 English (Compulsory)
BBA-402 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
BBA-403 Financial Management
BBA-404 Production and Operations Management
BBA-405 Business Environment
BBA-406 Operations Research
BBA-407 Fundamentals of Insurance
BBA-408 Seminar
Environmental Studies (Qualifying)

BBA-501 English (Compulsory)
BBA-502 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
BBA-503 Company Law
BBA-504 Entrepreneurship & Small Business
BBA-505 Cost Accounting

Any one Group from the following:
Group A
a) Consumer Behaviour
b) Advertising & Sales Management
Group B
a) Industrial relations & Labour Legislations
b) Organisation Change & Development
Group C
a) Management of Banking Operations
b) Insurance & Risk Management
Group D
a) International Business Environment
b) Management of International Business Organization

BBA-601 English (Compulsory)
BBA-602 Punjabi (Compulsory) or Basic Punjabi
BBA-603 Income Tax
BBA-604 Fundamentals of Capital Markets
BBA-605 Viva-Voce

Any one Group from the following:
Group A
a) Services Marketing
b) E-Marketing
Group B
a) Training and Development
b) Contemporary Issues in HRM
Group C
a) Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
b) Contemporary Issues in Accounting
Group D
a) Export- Import Management and Documentation
b) Global Strategic Management

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