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MA Punjabi


Bachelor’s Degree in any faculty with 50% in aggregate or 45% in the subject concerned or BA Honours School in Punjabi or Master’s Degree of Guru Nanak Dev University or any other university in another subject or another faculty.

Paper-I Gurmat Kav (Opt. I)
Guru Nanak Bani Vishesh Adhyan (Opt.II)
Paper-II Punjabi Sufi Kav
Paper-III Sahit Sidhant ate Bharti Kav Shaster
Paper-IV Lokdhara vigyan ate Punjabi Lokdhara
Paper-V Puratan Punjabi Vartak

Paper VI Bhakti Sahit
Paper VII Punjabi Kissa ate Birtant Kav
Paper VIII Punjabi Alochna
Paper IX Sabhyachar Te Punjabi Sabhyachar
Paper X (i) Pattarkari Te Punjabi Pattarkari
(ii) Punjabi Bhasha Te Computer Application

Paper-XI Adhunik Punjabi Kavita upto 1960
Paper-XII Punjabi Novel
Paper-XIII Punjabi Bhasha te Bhasha Vigyan – I
Paper-XIV Punjabi Sahit da Itihaas (1850 tak)I
Paper-XV Parvasi Punjabi Sahit (Option – I)
Pakistani Punjabi Sahit (Option – II)

Paper-XVI Adunik Punjabi Kavita (After 1960)
Paper-XVII Punjabi Nikki Kahani
Paper-XVIII Punjabi Bhasha te Bhasha Vigyan – II
Paper-XIX Punjabi Natak te Rangmunch
Paper-XX Punjabi Sahit da Itihaas (1850 till date)