Top B Voc Course in Retail Management in Amritsar, Punjab

B.Voc. Retail Management

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) in Retail Management

Eligibility: +2 in any stream.

A degree in B.Voc (Retail Management) provides a student with a comprehensive understanding of the principal operational and
strategic issues involved in the management of retail based enterprises in the context of both national and international environment.

Following is the list of employers/industry/sectors in which retail graduates may work:
Airports, Banks/Financial Institutions/ Insurance, Boutiques/Fashion Retailers, Catalogue /Mail orders, Convenience Stores, Department Stores, Designers, Event Co-ordinators, Factory Outlets, Supermarkets, Internet Shopping Providers, Media, Hospitality, Warehouses. B.Voc (Retail Management) enables graduates to secure occupation as Area Manager, District Manager, Brand Manager, HR Manager, Retail Buyer, Sales Executive, Travel Agent etc


BVRM 101 Communication Skills in English- I
BVRM 102 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi OR Punjab History & Culture (From Earliest Times to C 320)
BVRM 103 Fundamentals of Management
BVRM 104 Basics of Retail Management
BVRM 105 Computer Practical –I (MS Office)
BVRM 106 Computer Applications in Retail
BVRM 107 Lab on Retail Selling Skills
*Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory)


BVRM 201 Communication Skills in English- II
BVRM 202 Punjabi (Compulsory) OR Basic Punjabi OR Punjab History & Culture (C 321 to 1000 A.D.)
BVRM 203 Retail Shopper Behaviour
BVRM 204 HR in Retail Operations
BVRM 205 Managerial Economics
BVRM 206 Computer Practical –II(MS Office)
BVRM 207 Training Project
*Drug Abuse: Problem, Management and Prevention (Compulsory)


BVRM 301 Principles of Accounting
BVRM 302 E-Commerce
BVRM 303 Stores Layout & Design
BVRM 304 Retail Logistics Management
BVRM 305 Health & Safety Management Issues In Retail
BVRM 306 Computer Applications-Tally& Internet
BVRM 307 Store Operations-I
ESL: 221 * Environmental Studies (Compulsory)


BVRM 401 Supply Chain Management
BVRM 402 Merchandising Management
BVRM 403 Entrepreneurship Development
BVRM 404 Database Management System
BVRM 405 Business Ethics
BVRM 406 Lab On E-Retailing and Retail Information System
BVRM 407 Store Operations–II
ESL: 221 * Environmental Studies (Compulsory)


BVRM 501 Personality & Soft Skills Development
BVRM 502 Financial Management
BVRM 503 Advertising and Sales Management
BVRM 504 Customer Relationship Management
BVRM 505 Business Laws
BVRM 506 Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising -I
BVRM 507 Capstone project


BVRM 601 Retail Operations Management
BVRM 602 Marketing Management
BVRM 603 Production and Operations Management
BVRM 604 Taxation Law & Practice in Business
BVRM 605 Elements of Salesmanship
BVRM 606 Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising -II
BVRM 607 Training Project

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