Havan Performed in BBK DAV Hostel - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

Havan Performed in BBK DAV Hostel

A holy Havan was performed in BBK DAV Hostel to welcome the boarders on arrival from their homes and also to seek divine blessings for them for a truly fruitful new session 2018-19. Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia presided over the ceremonious Havan and through her highly motivational address to the students emphasized upon the creative and constructive use of the most crucial period of student life. She also pointed out the additional benefit of hostel life in terms of wide exposure and forging of life long bonds during this period. Speaking on the occasion, LMC member Shri Vipin Bhasin, exhorted the hostel students to imbibe the values which BBK stands for and injects into the students so passionately. Present on the occasion were teachers in-charge of Arya Yuvti Sabha, Vice Principal Manju Duggal, HOD Commerce Dr. Neenu K. Malhotra and other faculty members, The Havan concluded with distribution of ‘Prashad’.

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