Seminar on 'How to Tackle Sports Injuries' - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

Seminar on ‘How to Tackle Sports Injuries’

BBK DAV College for Women organized a seminar on ‘How to Tackle Sports Injuries’. Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia extended a formal welcome to the guests. The Seminar began with a lecture by Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, BPT, MPT (Sports) Physiotherapist, Amandeep Hospital. She gave a lecture on types of sports injuries and their prevention, and made the students aware about the faculty techniques of exercise. Further, she used illustrative means to expound the meticulous ways to exercise and to strengthen the muscles. She also told the students about the Female Athlete Triad and accentuated the need to maintain apposite level of hydration and nutrition in the body.

Mr. Kanaiyah, Ms. Ridhima and Mr. Manish from Amandeep hospital motivated the students to stay strong in the face of sports injuries.

Ms. Sweety Bala, Head, Department of Physical Education, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the guests for sharing their expertise and Dr. Amandeep Kaur, Department of Physical Education compared the proceedings of the seminar.

Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia felicitated the staff members of Department of Physical Education on the successful conduct of the seminar and honoured the guests with mementoes.

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