Seminar on Career Options in Hospitality Sector - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

Seminar on Career Options in Hospitality Sector

BBK DAV College for Women organised a seminar in relation to the various career options available in the hospitality sector by the Department of Tourism and Travel Management. The guests of honour were Mr. Raja (HR Manager) and Ms. Gursheen (HR Officer) of TAJ SWARNA, Amritsar. They were greeted by Principal of BBK DAV College, Dr. Pushpinder Walia, HOD of Tourism department Mr. Naresh Kumar & Mr. Manoj Puri (Dean Career Counselling Cell) who gave them saplings as a sign of warm gesture.

Mr. Raja has an experience of about 11 years as a teacher in Kolkata and now he has been working with the hospitality industry for the last 25 years. He started with giving brief information about the meaning of hospitality. He truly believed that it is born and brought up in the environment. He also threw light over the people from different sectors being recognised by their attire. He clearly mentioned that the hospitality professionals must be courteous and must wear a smile on their faces, the whole day long. Talking about Taj he quoted

“Nothing unethical can be done in Taj”

Taj has 82 licenses one of which is FSSAI which is the food license. Mr. Raja also mentioned that a hospitality professional must possess self-belief and a positive attitude that determines whether you will succeed or not. Taj is almost in every state of India. He talked about grooming and quoted
“We are born with natural faces and how you take care of yourself makes a difference and that is grooming”
He encouraged all the students to work in Taj as women here are given preference to men. He assured that if any kind of problem arises, they will be there to help them. He talked over customer expectations and satisfaction that how your gesture and services make a difference.

Moreover, he shared the strategies that they use for the efficient working of their hotel. They are working on creating a golden triangle including Srinagar- Amritsar- Shimla. They have even tied up with various organisations keeping in mind the preferences of the guests. He enlightened the students with vast knowledge about the hospitality industry and told them that there are vast avenues in this sector. He not only gave the lecture but also created a sense of positivity. It was indeed very informative and a great experience.