NSS Unit of the college visits Guru Ram Das Old Age Home - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

NSS Unit of the college visits Guru Ram Das Old Age Home

NSS unit of BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar, visited Guru Ram Das Old Age Home to have an interaction with the elderly inmates on the third day of its special 7 day NSS camp. The aim of the visit was to sensitise the volunteers to the problems of senior citizens and find ways and means to solve them.

During the visit, the unit members had a lively interaction with the senior citizens. The volunteers entertained the elderly inmates by singing songs for them and performed graceful dance steps. They also played simple riddles to enliven their mood and spirit to which the inmates responded by posing interesting riddles to the students and faculty members. Items such as warm clothes, grocery and snacks were given in donation.

Appreciating the zeal of the volunteers, Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia said that all of us should come forward to address the needs of the elderly inmates wholeheartedly. She emphasized upon the need of giving care and attention to elders in order to make them feel validated in life. She further added that giving them importance can be of therapeutic value to reduce their loneliness. She advised the volunteers to love their old parents for the simple reason that they dedicated the prime time of their life to make their life better.

On this occasion, NSS Programme Officers Ms. Surbhi Sethi, Dr. Nidhi Aggarwal and other team members namely Dr. Sahil Gupta and Dr. Palwinder Singh were also present.

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