Dept. of Economics organized an Interactive Session on Budget 2019-20

The Economics Department of BBK DAV College organised an interactive session on Budget 2019-20. The event covered different activities like Quiz Competition, Extempore Competition, Group discussion, Interactive discussion and Multimedia presentation on Budget and issues related to it.

At the outset, Mrs. Poonam Kohli, (Head of Economics Deptt.) welcomed Vice Principal Dr. Neenu K Malhotra, members of jury, Mrs. Neelam Prabha and Mr. Deepak Khullar and other faculty members. The event started with an introduction of the programme and its objective by Mrs. Poonam Kohli. She apprised the students about the basic concept and idea behind budget making and its presentation. She pointed out how foreign governments can ensure all the required infrastructure and social services to their citizens because of their honest, effective and well administered taxation system.

A Comprehensive multimedia presentation also formed a part of the programme. Mr. Deepak Khullar concluded with his comments on the issues taken up during group discussion. The prize winners were awarded for their active participation.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Poonam Kohli. She expressed her gratitude to Madam Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia for her motivation and unconditional support to organise such events. She made a special mention of the contribution of her colleagues, Mrs. Meenakshi Bhatia, Mrs. Sheetal Sharma & Mr. Harminder Singh and the organizing team of students to make this event a success.