The college organizes a Special Vedic Havan Yajna on Balidan Diwas of Swami Shraddhanand Ji - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

The college organizes a Special Vedic Havan Yajna on Balidan Diwas of Swami Shraddhanand Ji

BBK DAV College for Women organized a special Vedic Havan Yagya to commemorate the Balidan Diwas of Mahatma Swami Shraddhanand ji. The holy Havan started with the chanting of Gayatri Mantra.

Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia, while thanking God, highlighted the personality of Swami Shraddhanand ji in her address and said that Swami Shraddhanand ji spread the message of education based on the teachings and principles of the Vedas and Swami Dayanand. He founded Gurukul Kangri in 1902. She told that it was Swami ji who first addressed Mahatma Gandhi by the name Mahatma. She also said that human life is not just for the sake of enjoyment, but like Swami ji, one should do something for the society and should also follow the path shown by him. Principal Dr. Walia praised Honorable Dr. Poonam Suri, President, DAV College Management Committee who being the grandson of Mahatma Anand Swami ji, is a rich source of inspiration and essence of the ethos and values of Arya Samaj. In the end, she informed that BBK DAV College has won the Championship in the Bhai Vir Singh flower competition organized by Guru Nanak Dev University. She also wished that the garden of life of every human being should bloom like these flowers. Principal Dr. Walia also congratulated NSS Department for the inauguration of the 7 day Camp.

Mr. Inderpal Arya, President, Arya Samaj, Laxmansar highlighted that Swami Shraddhanand ji started the age-old Gurukul tradition and put his words into action by fulfilling his determination to build Gurukul Kangri. He inspired the students to read Satyarth Prakash. He also said that a person who reads Satyarth Prakash never deviates from his values and traditions.

Mr. Sudarshan Kapoor, President, Local Management Committee congratulated Principal Dr. Walia and the staff members on the successful completion of the Havan and highlighted the fact that Swami Shraddhanand Ji dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity. The Department of Music of college presented a soulful bhajan. The stage was conducted by Dr. Shelly Jaggi, Nodal Officer.

On this occasion, Mr. Vipin Bhasin (Member, Local Management Committee), Principal Dr. Amardeep Gupta, Principal Dr. Pallavi Sethi, Col. Ved Mitter. Mr. Sandeep Ahuja, Mr. Murari Lal Ji, Mrs. Renu Ghai, Mr. Inderjit Thukral, Mr. Harish Kumar, Mr. Anil Vinayak, Mrs. Rajni Oberoi (Member, Arya Samaj) and members of Arya Yuvti Sabha of the college were present.

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