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Career in Media: How Many Opportunities and Challenges Are There?

Career in Media: How Many Opportunities and Challenges Are There?

Making a career in media – Nowadays many youngsters dream of making a career in media. People make money from many jobs, but if you want to earn a name, what better option than a career in media. But the truth is that it has not been easy to make a career in media nowadays. Every year in India, students take a journalism course, but few people get their coinage.

There are challenges in this field with name and price.

To make a career in media and get a good job, the most important thing is to get training from the best educational institute. Many institutes in India promise to give young people a chance in the media by offering attractive advertisements, but after completion of studies, many students do not get the opportunity. For this, it is necessary to ensure that the placement facility is available after the completion of the campus, you can contact the old students for this.

It is very important to be creative to make a career in media, if you have good writing ability then you can become a copywriter. Also, it is important to have a good knowledge of general knowledge.

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You can also make a mark in the media as a reporter, for this you must have an investigative nature. So that we can go deeper into the news and investigate. The ability to ask questions should also be good.


Sometimes you may have to ask questions from a celebrity or a big personality in front of thousands of people in a press conference. You have to give up things like hesitation. You can make a career in television or print media by taking a media course. Many times in the media special programs are made at festivals. Media is a seven-day and twenty-four-hour work. In such a situation, holidays are not easily found like other jobs.

By pursuing a media course to make a career in media, you can also learn the techniques related to camera and can also become a cameraman. You can also learn things like video production. Anchoring is the most lucrative career in media: most media students become anchors. But for this, having a good voice, excellent voice and common sense and eloquence are very important. Also, moderation is the biggest virtue of this.

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Talking about print media, two parts are important in this reporting and editing.

Expert journalists are also in great demand in journalism.

  1. Business Journalism
  2. War Journalism (associated with war)
  3. Film Journalism
  4. Sports Journalism
  5. Arts and Culture Journalism
  6. Crime Journalism
  7. Political Journalism
  8. Lifestyle and Fashion Journalism
  9. Science Journalism

If we divide journalism into several categories, we can divide it into many more categories. But the mentioned categories are very prevalent. One cannot restrict media to only TV channels and newspapers. Through this, work can also be done in agencies related to the advertising agency, translation agency, PR. In addition, you can offer your services as a freelancer, who is a freelance writer. Nowadays the interference of web media has increased on the internet as well as on social media, it is increasingly encroaching.

If you want to get admission in top-level media institutes, then you also have to prepare for the entrance exam. To make a career in media, it is necessary to have a good grasp of the language as well as there should always be a desire to do something new.