BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar Outshines others at a Flower Cum Plant Show Organised by GNDU

In a Flower Cum Plant Show organised by GNDU, BBK DAV College for Women reaped a bumper crop of prizes. In a close contest between more than 15 educational institutions & nurseries, the college won 13 prizes, 4 First and 9 Second positions. The college also won the overall First Prize among all the educational institutions. The college participated in the categories of Large Chrysanthemum varieties, Small Chrysanthemum varieties, Cactus, Succulent plants, Palms, Ferns and Roses.

Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia specially applauded and awarded the college gardeners as “GREEN THUMBS” for their commendable efforts. Chairman LMC, Sh. Sudarshan Kapoor and faculty members congratulated them and wished them greater success in future.