Guest Lecture on 'Skin Care in Day-to-Day Life' - BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar

Guest Lecture on ‘Skin Care in Day-to-Day Life’

A Guest Lecture on “Skin Problems In Day to Day Life” was delivered by Dr. Manila to the students of B.Voc Beauty & Fitness Semester-I and Cosmetology Sem-I, on 30th Nov, 2018.

Dr. Manila, a renowned Plastic and Micro-vascular surgeon, Femplast Clinic explained to the students the importance of routine care & cleansing of the skin. She stressed upon the importance of balanced diet and provided valuable tips to the students to maintain healthy skin.

Dr. Binu Kapoor and Ms. Sweety Bala expressed their gratitude towards Principal Dr. Pushpinder Walia for providing them this opportunity to organise the guest lecture. Ms. Mandeep Sokhi, Dr. Sushma Manocha and Ms. Kiran Gupta were also present on this occasion.

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