B.Voc in Theatre and Stage Craft Courses in Amritsar, Punjab

B.Voc. Theatre & Stage Craft

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) in Theatre & Stage Craft

Eligibility: 10+2 with minimum 45 percent marks.

Theatre and Stagecraft is a very well-established field of performing Arts which is nowadays changing into a multidimensional and flourishing industry. It has immense scope of absorbing technically trained artists for live as well as pre-recorded presentations. Computer and Multimedia have become very essential tools of stagecraft and theatre. So theatre techs/ supervisors/ managers/ designers and music and dance directors cum choreographers are in great demand. No formal institutional skill training is available in the affiliating university or in its affiliated colleges in Theatre and Stagecraft so far. The college has a great potential in respect of talented faculty, students and infrastructure in the said field. The professional qualification in the said field is the need of the hour for all the aspirants who wish to continue Theatre & Stagecraft as their career option.

Course Content
The course mainly focuses on the production techniques used in live theatre & film industry. The course covers Theatrical Skills, Acting, Direction, Stagecraft, Performing Arts.

Introduction to Indian Theatre
Theatre Techniques and Designing (Theory & Practical)
Stage Craft-I
Performing Arts-I
Communication Skills in English-I
Punjabi Compulsory/Basic Punjabi

Tradition of Theatre & Designing (Theory)
Theatre Techniques and Designing (Theory & Practical)
Stage Craft-II
Performing Arts-II
Communication Skills in English-I
Punjabi Compulsory/Basic Punjabi

Subject ‘Drug Abuse: Problem, Management & Prevention’ is Compulsory in Sem-I & II

Forms of Theatre
Stage Craft-III
Study of Theatrical Scripts & Play (Theory & Practical)
Performing Arts-III
Personality Development – I
Production Management (Theory & Practical)

Fundamentals of Direction
Stage Craft-IV
Fundamentals of Acting-I (Theory & Practical)
Audio Production (Theory & Practical)
Personality Development-II (Practical)

Production Management (Theory & Practical)

Punjabi Theatre
Theatre (Creativity & Innovations)
Stage Craft (Makeup) – V
Indian Television
Performing Arts -V (Musical Nukkad Play)

Theatrical Costumes
Theatre (Critical Study of Indian & Western Theatre)
Stage Craft – VI (Special Effects Audio/Visual)
Event Management
One Production


Various career opportunities in Theatre and Stage Craft are as:
• Actor • Event Manager • Make up Artist
• Director • Costume Designer • Choreographer
• Script Writer • Set Designer • Artistic Director • Theatre Critic • Production In charge