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The Academic System

The academic year has semester system consisting of two terms - July to December and January to June. All undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes require full time commitment from the students and the system does not exempt them from any compulsory activities.
Methods of Instruction
Different pedagogical methods are used, appropriate to the different skills to be developed. Some courses may be presented through lectures and group discussions while others focus more on laboratory instruction or to small group seminars. Classroom instruction goes beyond the traditional approach and includes numerous fields of knowledge which contribute to decision-making and adaptability. Students are encouraged to analyze, anticipate, innovate and thus prepare themselves for challenging professional careers ahead.
Boosting the Capacity to Learn
  • Use of computers and internet for the purpose of increasing the comprehension of intricacies of the various aspects of disciplines like Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Geography, Gemology, Mass Media and even in languages.
  • Seminars method where students are also encouraged to make multimedia presentations.
  • Quizzing and vocabulary building exercises.
  • Field trips, socio-economic surveys, visits to corporate/ industrial houses, centres of media and others as per the course content of faculties like Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Multimedia Applications, Mass Communication & Video Production, Still Photography & Audio Production, Tourism & Travel Management, Geography and the like.
  • Project work for Bachelor of Design, Bachelor in Multimedia, Still Photography & Audio Production, Mass Communication & Video Production and Tourism & Travel Management.
  • Workshops by experts, with hands-on work experience for the students in almost all the practical subjects.
Communication Skills
Other than courses like Bachelor of Design, Bachelor in Multimedia, Mass Communication & Video Production, Still Photography & Audio Production, where communication skills are part of the curriculum design, the skill exercises are woven into the system. The Orator's Club and the 'Writewingers' hold contests to promote speech and writing skills respectively. 'Face to Face' programmes also help the students in thinking clearly, expressing themselves fluently and being positively assertive. Theatre Workshops by experts also boost these skills.
Work as a Part of Team and Independently
A distinctive feature of this college is providing managerial skills to the students through their active participation in various aspects of administration. The Head Girl, Asstt. Head Girls, Presidents and Secretaries of Clubs and Societies, Class & Section Representatives are all sensitized to values of responsibility, initiative and decision-making. Freshers’ Contest, Valedictory Function and other functions of clubs and societies are organized by the students only.  
International Linkages
The college has taken the initiative of forging ties with international institutes for educational & cultural exchange and sharing of the know-how. It has linkages with key global educational organizations like WCCI (World Council of Curriculum & Instructions), WEF (World Education Foundation), Kent County Council, Technology College, Northfleet; Hextable School and World Punjabi Congress, Pakistan.
Gender Sensitization
Under the aegis of WEF (Women Empowerment Forum) the college sensitizes the women about their status and identity, coping strategies for their dual role and to become more self-reliant. The forum through lectures by women of eminence, tries to lift women out of the submissive/ subordinator's image and prepares them to live with dignity facing the challenges of the patriarchal system.
Inculcating Reading Habits
To inculcate the reading habits among the learners in view of the dwindling reading interest in the modern age, Book Talk and Book Reading Sessions are organized by the Library Department of the college. 'Wall Magazine' is also maintained by various faculties to keep the students abreast with the current affairs. 
Orientation Programme
The college organizes an orientation programme before the commencement of its academic session. This introduces the incoming students to various programmes, activities, facilities and the values of the institution.
Scholarships & Awards
A number of scholarships are available to students on the basis of their performance and or need. Awards for excellence in academics, sports, cultural activities, NCC, NSS are also given.
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DISCLAIMER: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information on this website, the possibility of some errors and mistakes, cannot be ruled out. Visitors to the site are requested to cross check the information with the college authorities. The college would not be responsible for any data inaccuracy or delay in the updation of the information on the website. For the detailed syllabi please visit Guru Nanak Dev University's website www.gndu.ac.in. The academic system is subject to change as per the notification from the university.